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ISG Prime’s outsourcing services are a value-added means to achieve our clients’ operational and management objectives. The many benefits of outsourcing parts or the whole of a project are evident in the cost savings, operational expertise, and reduced time to market. ISG Prime maintains an optimal balance between leveraging our own project management and implementation expertise with our strategic alliances to deliver the best possible results to suit your projects’ deliverables, budget, and critical success factors. Cost savings are realized directly while projects are handled by experts with an intimate experience working with our varied clientele. We enable the company’s project team to work seamlessly with the vendors, while minimizing any risks associated with transferring responsibility. Contractual obligations and communication limits are no longer barriers when a company works with ISG Prime. We have built the right relationships and performed thorough vendor evaluation so our clients have access to a knowledgebase and talent pool that is highly efficient and reliable.

Outsourcing or offshoring with ISG Prime is an experience where time constraints and lack of in-house expertise are no longer factors in determining project budgets and milestone dates for our clients. Whether it is an outsourcing strategy they seek, or complete offshoring of their project needs, our analysis helps our clients determine the best solution for their organizational needs.

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