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Infrastructure Management
Infrastructure planning, implementation and management are a core requirement in any organization’s IT environment. ISG Prime has several years experience in hardware and network provisioning, network operations and management, systems and network administration and implementing SOX/IT controls. Some examples of ISG Prime’s infrastructure services are:

Systems, Database & Network Administration
ISG Prime has provided administration services to several clients in areas of systems, database, web middleware and networks. These have been in systems such as UNIX (Solaris, AIX, HP-UX), Linux and Windows operating systems; databases such as Oracle, Sybase, UDB DB2 and SQL Server; web middleware products such as WebLogic, Apache, EAServer, iPlanet, and SharePoint; and LAN/WAN networks comprising heterogeneous network elements.

Network Design, Implementation & Management
Led the operation and maintenance of a large Federal Agency’s Network Operation Center serving more then 10,000 users at multiple locations. Responsible for implementing HP OpenView Operations; defining, implementing and managing network operations Service Level Agreements; implementing a network services chargeback process; and managing high priority projects such as network design enhancements and data center moves.

Platform Implementation
For a large financial institution, implemented Guardium platform to track, monitor and report on database changes made to financial reporting solutions. The Guardium platform is a combo hardware and software platform that captures all network and local traffic and uses configured logic to identify rogue connections and transactions. This implementation catered for a SOX implementation for monitoring data corrections for the company.

Sarbanes Oxley (SOX) / IT Controls Implementation
For a large financial institution, implemented an end-to-end process to track, monitor, review, report and reconcile file system changes made on UNIX, Windows and Linux platforms. The Tripwire solution was implemented to create a base image of the file system against which the daily changes can be compared. A process was defined to identify changes and reconcile based on business justification.

Capacity Planning
ISG Prime has performed several capacity planning exercises as part of our project implementations. Planning was done to size hardware, databases, SAN storage and network elements with regard to specific parameters such as licensing, ease of future growth, resource sharing, software and application requirements, redundancy and disaster recovery requirements.
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