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ISG Prime believes that the current business environment should be seen as an opportunity for companies to strengthen their business models and business processes. While they are cutting non-productive costs and streamlining business lines, the effort should be to identify and implement strategies that make the company more competitive and focus on items that deliver "more for less".

ISG Prime identifies and re-emphasizes the following 5 areas as the core business drivers for the forward-looking company to focus on:

    Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
    What is the cost of production? How much inventory should be held? How can staff be more productive? How to identify non-productive expenses? These are the kind of enterprise questions that needed to be answered 50 years ago for a company to operate efficiently. These questions are still valid. The difference is that there is more competition, we are in a recession and we want to continuously improve productivity and efficiency. In such a market, a review of the ERP processes and methodologies may return good dividends for the future.

    Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
    Some things never change. The customer was and will always be "king". At a time like this, it becomes more important to be well connected with the customer. It is important to remember that the customer always has a choice. Making a sale is just the beginning. Every company needs an integrated view of the customer. The marketing rep, the sales rep and the service rep should all have the same integrated information about the customer to be able to fully realize the revenue potential from the customer.

    Supply Chain Management (SCM)
    Every company’s number one goal is to produce at the lowest cost and sell at the highest price. Achieving that goal requires the implementation of a very efficient and effective supply chain. Logistical and technological advances have made the goal seem achievable but it has also leveled the field between large and small companies. A strong and reliable supply chain is within every company’s reach. But it is important that the company acknowledges the need to continuously raise the bar on the goal in order to stay competitive.

    Enterprise Application Integration (EAI)
    A truly efficient business model is one in which there is seamless integration of applications internal to the organization as well necessary applications external to the organization. A manufacturer whose competitive model relies in overnight delivery needs to directly integrate with a shipping company such as FedEx. Similarly, the information a telephone sales rep enters for a customer order should flow through to the shop floor, the packaging and shipping and on to the billing department.

    We see a company implementing the above on an internet platform that truly delivers on the concept of always on, anywhere. The promise of the internet is only now beginning to show its true potential after all the hype and hoopla is over. This is how a small corner store trying to survive in its neighborhood can almost overnight become a global company conducting trade throughout the world using the internet.
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How can ISG Prime help make address these important needs? ISG Prime has the depth and breadth of experience and expertise to help companies in achieving their enterprise business objectives. We bring the necessary combination of skills in Program & Project Management, Business & Process Analysis, Technology & Infrastructure development and Execution & Implementation that allows us to assist companies in meeting their current and forthcoming challenges.
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