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ISG Prime combines the right project management and systems development practices to deliver applications, projects and processes that are tailored to an organizationís unique needs. Following the industry standard Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC), we work with our clients to articulate the development outputs prioritized according to their organizationís Critical success Factor (CSF). Our specialists collaborate in a joint application design (JAD) to define the tasks that will maximize the success of the system being developed.

ISG Prime gathers the business requirements and develops the project plan to ensure thorough documentation and definition of objectives. We adhere to project milestones yet work with our clients flexibly to allow for all contingencies expected and unforeseen. We can undertake all tasks from systems design to choosing the right technology solutions for a company, to ensure the final product is one that will match our clientsí operational and business requirements.

Development is handled expertly by ISG Prime where we build, test, and validate (BTV) to the degree of suitability that is appropriate for our clientsí business functions, while preparing for integration. Project implementation is done in such a way by our team to ensure longevity in systems operation and usability, by maintaining the right support structure for the companyís users and customers. ISG Prime can implement all training, documentation, and help desk needs to fully integrate a system designed and developed to a companyís exact specifications.
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